Liquid Nitrogen Containers

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Our company is offering a wide range of Liquid Nitrogen Dewars, which is designed to safely and conveniently transport and store small volumes of liquid nitrogen in laboratory or workplace. These are available in various capacities and sizes along with rack canisters. Our range combines superior vacuum design and multiple layers of super insulation technology to achieve superior thermal performance.            


Features of Liquid Nitrogen Dewars:

  • Rugged construction
  • Low heat transfer

Cryocooler for IVF

CryoCooler™ with a top view of the well. Liquid nitrogen is poured through the screen platform and adsorbed below by a pillow. Liquid nitrogen vapors are released slowly over a five hour period which keeps samples below -130°C.

Don't let your frozen samples just melt away. Keep them frozen with the NEW CryoCooler. It is designed for small-scale cryogenic sample preparation. Working with samples that require cryogenic temperatures mean working with liquid nitrogen, which is not only difficult, but possibly hazardous. The CryoCooler helps to reduce those hazards by featuring a liquid nitrogen charged, insulated reservoir. To use, pour the liquid nitrogen into the reservoir and begin using.


The CryoCooler can be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with our miniaturized mortar and pestle system, the CryoGrinder. With the CryoGrinder or other vials or tools, place the items in the reservoir and allow them to chill for several minutes prior to use.


This system combines a highly insulated cooler with a liquid nitrogen reservoir so to maintain temperature sensitive samples at vapor phase temperatures. The 6 x 6" reservoir contains a sorbent that is charged prior to use with liquid nitrogen. The sorbent prevents spills and splashing of the liquid nitrogen while it does allow for a slow release of coolant.


The CryoCooler is a valuable tool that helps to preserve the integrity of frozen vials of cultured cells and tissue specimens during routine handling. The CryoCooler well contains a pillow that adsorbs liquid nitrogen. Once charged, the pillow slowly releases liquid nitrogen vapor which can keep samples in the Cryo Cooler's well at temperatures below -130°C for up to five hours. The CryoCooler is very useful for preparing stored tissue for RNA isolation or for the sorting of frozen vials.


The CryoGrinder consists of a porcelain/ zirconium composite.  Pestles are made of porcelain/ zirconium composite.


The CryoGrinder is a miniaturized mortar and pestle system designed to homogenize small samples (<100 mg) at low temperatures so to preserve the integrity of biomolecules.  This system combines the ease of a handheld homogenizer with the efficiency of a mortar and pestle.  Key features of the CryoGrinder include:


  • Motor driven pestle constructed  from an extremely durable porcelain/zirconium composite
  • Rugged pestle with stainless steel shafts with hex bit for quick connection to the motor
  • CryoGrinder can be decontaminated and sterilized via autoclave and dry heat (e.g., 200°C for 2 hr)
  • Small space saving design
  • Optional CryoCooler accessory valuable for chilling and transporting samples

The CryoGrinder mortar and pestle are pre-chilled in  liquid nitrogen.  Frozen samples are placed in the mortar and the motorized pestle is pressed down on the sample.  Due to the cryogenic temperature, samples are rapidly ground into dust.  Tissues from heart, lung, spleen, muscle, kidney and liver have been effectively pulverized using the CryoGrinder.  Mortars are easily inverted so that ground samples can be collected into chilled tubes.


Each CryoGrinder Kit comes with a cordless handheld motor plus four mortar and pestle sets including small and large pestles.  Additional mortar and pestle sets can be purchased separately.


CryoGrinder Kit:
An improvement on the traditional mortar and pestle, the CryoGrinder retains the strength and durability of porcelain while adapting to the scale of molecular biologists.  The CryoGrinder was specifically designed to grind small and difficult to homogenize tissues (e.g., skin, sclera) at cryogenic temperatures.  Each CryoGrinder mortar can efficiently accommodate up to 100 mg of sample, though most researchers use 10-20 mg.  Two different size pestles are available which fit a standard cordless wrench/screwdriver so to ease the grinding process.


Each CryoGrinder Kit comes with four mortars, four large pestles, four small pestles, and one rechargeable cordless wrench.  Detailed instructions on use and product care are also included.


When used in conjunction with the CryoCooler™, the CryoGrinder is an effective means of homogenizing multiple samples.

CryoGrinder Set:

The CryoGrinder Set is the kit minus the cordless wrench.  The set consists of two porcelain/zirconium mortars, two large pestles and two small pestles.  Samples can be homogenized manually or with the cordless wrench.  Most standard cordless screwdrivers can be used to power the pestles.

Wrench, Cordless:

The cordless wrench is a standard 1/4" hex driver (power screwdriver) which is effective for grinding samples using an attached pestle.  The wrench is rechargeable and can be used to process dozens of samples between charging.  The wrench comes with a DC charger which works off of standard 120V outlets (US plug).

Liquid Nitrogen Containers

Our company of offers a wide range of Liquid Nitrogen Containers and various related accessories. Apart from this, we also offer Laboratory dewars or Liquid Nitrogen containers, self pressurising Liquid Nitrogen containers or vessels, Cryogenic storage vessels that range from general purpose open dewars, to multi-coded liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen & helium vessels, and intermodal ISO tank containers. Our spares and accessories range from replacement valves to fully automatic liquid level control equipment. Also, custom designed cryostats, liquid nitrogen vessels, cryogenic valve boxes and phase separators are also available.

Storage Dewars / Refrigerators (Aluminum):

We also provide a wide range of storage dewars, refrigerators & shipping vessels for long term product storage


Liquid Nitrogen Container Trolleys

Product Details:
  • Capacity (litres): 26 and 50
  • Material: Metal
  • Tank Material: Iron

We provide high quality Platform Instrument Carts that are procured from trusted vendors which have an excellent finish, are scratch resistant and have a high gloss. Our range is available in various sizes and can be availed at industry leading prices.

Imported Liquid Nitrogen Containers

We have a full range of  International Cryogenics.

International Cryogenics range include

Rack container'S

The Director Series Group, which is the newest group, consists of 3 larger models designed primarily for laboratory use for rack storage of vials. These units range in size from 60 liters to 120 liters and can store 2000 to 4000 vials. The outstanding features of this line include indexed racks, high strength aluminum shell, greater efficiency, attractive styling, and a 2-year warranty. Accessories available for these units include the roller base, low level alarm and transfer line.

Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerator


The Refrigerator Group consists of 10 portable aluminum cryogenic vessels, including the new Arctic 22, which range in size from 6 liters to 50 liters. These vessels are complete with canisters for the cryo-preservation of biological specimens. The largest customers of this product line include dairy farmers, veterinarians, hospitals and bio-labs. The features of this group are a molded handle assembly, transparent dome cover, more product capacity, better working visibility, more ruggedness, unique styling and a 5-year warranty.

 Vapor Shippers

The Vapor Shipper Group consists of 3 "dry-shipper" aluminum cryogenic vessels, which range in size from 4 liters to 6.4 liters. These lightweight vessels are primarily used for fast, economical transport of samples by laboratories and veterinarians. Advantages included with each vessel, better holding time, large capacity--model for model, and a 2-year warranty.

 Cryostats & dewars

Cryostats and Dewars are a collection of general purpose units for immersion cooling of samples or by contact.  Included in this series is the cooling of super-conducting magnets and a variety of other uses including: X-ray and neutron diffraction, optical studies, NMR spectroscopy, XRS and others.  Coming in different sizes and shapes they are available for use with nitrogen, helium, and non-nitrogen shielded helium.

Units are manufactured from light weight aluminum or from rugged stainless steel.  Fiberglass, super-insulation and other low thermal conductivity items are used to minimize heat loss.  Common to all units are: evacuation valves, vacuum casing burst disc, standard fill / vent fittings, heliarc welding, mass spectrometer testing to 1 x 10-9 cc/sec., and design of inner and outer vessels to withstand external pressures of 60 psi in collapse.

Bucket Dewars:

Available in nitrogen or non-nitrogen shielded versions.  Units are constructed of heliarc welded aluminum and low thermal conductivity fiberglass to minimize conductive heat leak.  Other standard features include super-insulation, evacuation valve, and vacuum casing burst disc.  Foam neckplugs with relief valves and standard fill/vent fittings are available as an option. We specialize in building to the end-users requirements.


A liquid nitrogen shielded, liquid helium cryostat, which is principally designed for the collection of neutron diffraction data.  The temperature of the sample mounting surface may be varied from 5 to 300K with temperature regulation of + or - 0.10K with the use of appropriate sensors.  The sample is mounted in the vacuum space. Applications include X-ray and neutron diffraction, spectroscopy, and other optical and nuclear studies.Special configurations are available with or without optics.
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