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CryoSleeve PVC, 100/Cs


Polyvinyl Chloride  - Clear plastic sleeve encloses an NALGENE CryoCane for extra security during handling and storage. Direct replacement for cardboard sleeve. Allows quick location of empty spaces in the cane and easy identification of a particular vial or vials without removing the sleeve. Will not become brittle while frozen.


 Cat. No. 
 Length, mm   273 
 Length, in.   10-13/16 
 No. per Case   100 

Cryo Labels

A special formulated material for use at ultra-low temperatures and in Cryo Labels storage conditions, such as liquid nitrogen and oxygen. They are durable and adhere well to plastic as well as cardboard cryogenic storage boxes. They will not peel or shrink. Ten sheets of labels five preprinted, five plain. Twenty labels/sheet. Label measures: 2.5cmx5cm.

Cryoapron Aprons

Frosters cryogenic aprons offer the same technology and protection as that of the Frosters cryogenic gloves. The apron provides optimum protection for torso and upper legs against the effects of spills and splashes of cryogenic material. The outer layer of waterproof woven polyamide protects, even at the extremely low temperature encountered with liquid nitrogen, and yet is breathable. Thermal insulation is given by a polyolefin/polyester micro-fibre middle layer. The inner layer is of cotton for comfort. Frosters aprons are fitted with quick release clips at both neck and waist and our adjustable straps give a comfortable fit.


Small (900mm length) – APR/CMS
Medium (1000mm length) – APR/CMM
Large (1200mm length) – APR/CML
Extra Large (1400mm length) – APR/CMXL

Nominal apron width is 620mm

Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Device

This device fits fits perfectly into the neck of the Dewar vessel.It is used for transfering LN2 from one container to another


Aluminum canes hold five 2.0 ml or six 1.2 ml standard cryovials for storage in Bio-Cane systems


We stock highest quality of cryovials. These are of various capacities and various brands. Cryovials usually are 1.8 ml and 4.5 ml.

For Storing Aluminum Canes and Vials

1.2 ml Internally Threaded Cryo Vials Self Standing
1.2 ml Internally Threaded Cryo Vials Self Standing
4.0 ml Internally Threaded Cryo Vials Round Bottom
5.0 ml Internally Threaded Cryo Vials Round Bottom.


Offering all types of cryoware marker set pack of 4 for marking cardboard and polycarbonate. cryomarker Ink will not fade at ultra-low temperature. cryomarker are Smudge proof. cryomarker Pack contains one each red, green, blue and black ultra fine point pens.

Cryo Gloves

Approx Price: Rs 6,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Cryo
  • Model Number: Frosters Standard Gloves and Frosters Waterproof Gloves
  • Work Temperature (Deg. Celsius): -120 degree C to -190 degree C
  • Size: Free Size
  • Feature: Cold Resistant
  • Finger Type: Full Fingered
  • Cuff Length: 21-25 Inches
  • Type: Non-Disposable
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Condition: New
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Quality: Medium
  • Certified By: CE
  • Pack Type: Plastic Poly Bag
  • Sample orders fulfilled: Yes
  • Weight per pair(in grams): Customizable

Our precision engineered range of Cryowears is widely demanded in various welding and material handlingrange of gloves has been specially developed for the handling of very cold objects.

Typically they are used for handling objects stored in the vapour stage of liquid nitrogen (ranging from -120°C to -190°C).


At actual liquid nitrogen temperature there is some stiffening of the material, but it still remains flexible enough for use.


These cryogloves are also very useful for other situations where low temperatures are an issue such as storage freezers, cold rooms, the handling of 'dry ice' and microtomes.


The range of cryogloves is available in three styles; mid-arm, elbow and shoulder length and in small, medium and large sizes.


These cryogloves protect from spilling of Liquid Nitrogen on body. Our rang of cryowears include hand gloves (cryogloves), aprons (cryoapron), full body suit and face shield.

Cryo Suit

Cryo suits have been specially developed to provide protection and comfort while under continuous use in the extreme environment of the cold room.

The special outer layer is waterproof (resistant to condensation) yet remains breathable so as not to become clammy, while the high efficiency insulation reduces excessive bulk and therefore provides greater mobility.

Frosters cryo suits are in two parts, a 'bib and brace' overall and an over jacket. The overalls have long adjustable shoulder straps with Velcro fastening and the waist is elasticated. The jacket has a front central Velcro fastening strip with additional Velcro fastenings on the cuffs and features a useful inside pocket.

Please see technical specifications for size combinations.

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